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I’ve always been a huge fan of ice cream. It’s in my comfort foods list for a reason. And if you ask why, you are obviously not a true friend of mine. I mean.. seriously?? You really need to ask?

Of all the flavors, mint choco-chip is my go-to. When asked, they claim that those who love Mint Chocolate Chip are ambitious and confident yet a little skeptical about life. I’m not too sure about that. But they also say that mint choco-chip lovers are supposedly loyal, honest and dependable. So if that’s the case, I better find myself another mint choco-chip lover. 



i guess this is what happens when i get deprived of a good thing. i start blogging ramblings about it. 



it all boils down to .. i want a big scoop (or two) of ice cream please! :D

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